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General Knowledge Base 2.4.1

No Image base, General Knowledge Base allows creating unlimited number of databases, so an organization can have a separate database for each specific knowledgebase. Accessing and managing various databases is also very easy that is by using its integrated Database Manager. Beside organizations, General Knowledge Base is equally useful tool for individuals as for professionals for managing their own personal information. In addition, it has a powerful search

DoyleSoft Knowledge Base Software 2.9.92: DoyleSoft Knowledge Base is easy to use and is designed with networks in mind.
DoyleSoft Knowledge Base Software 2.9.92

Knowledge Base Software is easy to use, has a straight forward design, has a robust search engine, and works great on networks! You can also easily change the database path inside or outside of Knowledge Base to use multiple databases. Knowledge Base is perfect for: dental, medical, veterinary, legal, High-tech, and financial offices. At DoyleSoft we belive in easy-to-use no hassle software. We don`t waste your time with complex licensing models.

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Instant Knowledge Base 1.10: Create custom knowledge base articles, fully searchable. Export articles as html
Instant Knowledge Base 1.10

Knowledge Base is a new, powerful help-desk and problem / solution-tracker database program that allows you to enter, and maintain, your own custom knowledge base articles and to-do lists. Your knowledge base is fully searchable, using our state of the art search technology. When you search for a phrase, Instant Knowledge Base will count the number of matches on search words, and give extra weight if all words are matched, then rank the search results

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Knowledge Base 2.9.92: Knowledge Base is easy to use and is designed with networks in mind.
Knowledge Base 2.9.92

Knowledge Base is easy to use, has a straight forward design, has a handy Search feature, and works great on networks! You can also easily change the database path inside or outside of Knowledge Base.

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Delphi Knowledge Base 1.5

base and to add new ones. Articles are formatted so that they could be copied and pasted right into your program. New version of Delphi Knowledge Base gives user even more functions - new sorting, filtering and grouping criteria, bookmarking system and greatly improved DKB Update tool and new interface. In Delphi Knowledge Base you can use these features: fast article search; ability to search for exact phrase or any keywords; ability to search for

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GeneralKB 2.8: Create and maintain knowledge base. Organize your documents, notes, web pages.
GeneralKB 2.8

Knowledge Management software allowing an easy and effective management of all types of knowledge bases. With its intuitive user interface, it is easy to create, capture, and store in one location all types of documents and files and have fast retrieval when required. To improve knowledge sharing, it provides an easy access to an organization`s knowledgebase either on LAN, VPN, WAN or over Internet and yet it does not compromise on security. The

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powerKNOW 2.21: Web-based Knowledge Management Solution to save and share structured knowledge.
powerKNOW 2.21

knowledge documents can be stored in a central Knowledge Base and shared by authorized users. Quality of the knowledge base can be increased step by step using different options to structure and qualify knowledge documents with more relevant meta information. powerKNOW supports the Debriefing interview technique to collect valuable and critical knowledge from experts. -My Structure for Knowledge Documents -Acquisition, entry and update of Knowledge

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